Where do Cheerios come from?

Cheerios is a simple product, made with care by many dedicated people who take pride in what they do.

From oats to O’s

A video recently produced by the Cheerios team – “From Oats to O’s: The Making of Cheerios” – explains the steps involved.

It begins on the farm of Edgar Scheurer, of Manitoba.

“I like growing oats because it’s a healthy product to grow,” says Scheurer. “And I believe in it.”

His oats end up in mills, like the one in Minneapolis, Minnesota, featured in the video, which grind them into whole grain oat flour.

“We pour our heart and soul into this product for all the families that will be sitting down at the breakfast table eating Cheerios,” says Brian Ramberg, team leader at our Minneapolis mill.

The next step involves shipping the flour to our cereal plants that make Cheerios.

From Oats to O’s takes you inside our facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where you see the Cheerios being made.

It’s all about oats 

“It goes out to families all over America, and they’re seeing that wholesome goodness in their breakfast bowl in the morning. And I feel pretty good knowing that I sent them a high-quality product,” says Brian Burrell, a technical coordinator in Cedar Rapids.

The Cheerios team says the video highlights the tradition of care and excellence that has gone into the making of Cheerios for generations.

“These are people who are not just doing a great job day in and day out, they are making a product that we all believe in,” says Doug Martin, associate marketing director for Cheerios.

From the farm to the table, Doug says there was a need to show and explain the process.

“We started at Edgar’s farm because in some recent research that we did, we found that only about half of consumers correctly identified that Cheerios are made of oats,” he says “This video shows that they start as an oat seed and then are transformed into a healthy breakfast by people who strive to make the perfect box of cereal every day."

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